Welcome to Photography! I hoping that you will find this year both fun and challenging.  Visual Information Technology emphasizes analytical, creative, and experiential aspects of studio and new media.  This course revolves around different forms of visual media.

This course has been developed to support and encourage the growing interest in photography and digital imaging by our student body. Students will learn the basics of Photography. They will be introduced and learn to some depth Photoshop and Illustrator, the industry-standard in digital graphic software. The learning material format for this course will be a combination of demonstration lectures and tutorials. Students will have a chance to demonstrate the skills they have learned through a series of projects culminating in a final project. Learning outcomes for this course are grouped under the curriculum organizers: Personal Management, Computer Literacy, Photography Process and Ethics.


PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ART!  In this class, we produce art , not snap-shots! We all know how to see but we will learn how to look and what to look for.


Course Topics


The basic operations of a manual DSLR camera

  • Understanding aperture
  • Understanding shutter speeds
  • Focus
  • Depth of Field
  • Using studio lighting

Photographic techniques/ Elements & Principles of Design

  • Contrast, lighting, texture
  • Focus, depth of field, movement, pattern
  • Viewpoint , composition

Creative photographic based art

  • Enlargement, distortion, hand colouring, photomontage, relief prints, toning

Learning about the lives and works of famous photographers

  • Photo essays, news photography
  • Thematic Assignments
  • Portraits, still life, nature, architecture, elements and principles of design