Unlike France, which became a country as a result of a people’s revolution, or the United States, which was brought about by a War of Independence — Canada was a vision shared by thousands of men and women who worked to make it a reality. Confederation brought the vision of Canada to life and the building of the CPR that made it come true.

Social Studies 10 continues to build on the ideas and themes developed in earlier grades and focuses on the political and historical development of Canada as a nation.This course focuses on the growth of Canada from colony to nationhood, with an emphasis on the years 1815 to 1914. We will also examine the development of Western Canada with some emphasis on both British Colombia and Manitoba.

We will also spend a portion of the year closely investigating the history of the relationship between our government and Canada’s aboriginal people.Geographic skills learned in earlier grades will be reviewed and we will also study Canada’s physical geography, population growth, urbanization, and look at resource use and economics. Themes from the past are linked to current issues and events whenever possible.